Do you feel a need to improve your way of thinking?

  Are you looking for a consultant in the pursuit of personal and professional happiness?

  Are you interested in Health Sciences, Environmental Protection or Sustainable Development?

The General category includes all the books that do not belong in the categories of Marketing, Administration, Economy and Accounting. These books deal with Riddles Solutions as well as with Self-improvement, Hygiene and Sustainable Development. Each and every book has a deep analysis of its subject and includes relevant examples and practical application.

Προσφορές Βιβλίων

Προσφορές Βιβλίων

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Νέες εκδόσεις

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Ωρίμανση και Δυναμική Ομάδας

Αναλύει θέματα ωρίμανσης και μελετά πώς οι σχέσεις μέσα στην ομάδα μπορούν να επηρεάσουν κάποιον καθοριστικά.